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3 Xperia Z features Apple should embrace

Back in 2007 Apple set-the-standard for the smartphone market when they released the iPhone, now almost 6 years later we are seeing iPhone-inspired devices released by companies such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Sony – today we’re going to talk a little about the upcoming Xperia Z and what Apple could perhaps learn from this behemoth of a smartphone.

Here’s 3 Xperia Z features we’d like to see Apple embrace when designing the next-gen iPhone.

Full HD Display

The iPhone 5’s 4-inch display can hardly be described as dull and blurry, it boasts a pixel density of 326 ppi thanks to it’s 1136 x 640 resolution, but this almost seems inadequate when you compare it to the Xperia Z. Sony’s upcoming offering has a 5-inch panel with 443 pixels per inch thanks to a Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Now we are not saying that screen size is an area where Apple’s iPhone 6 will need to follow suit, but surely a panel which offers a 1080p resolution is required, this will mean even more pixels per inch, for a more fluid-looking interface – it may be overkill, but that’s the nature of the beast in this day and age.


Everyone reading this will know someone whose smartphone has suffered water damage, so we think durability is an area where there’s room for improvement from Apple’s next offering. Once again we are not criticizing previous iPhones as they have proven to be more than capable of taking a few bumps, but it would be nice to know that your iPhone can survive the odd splash or shower here and there. The Xperia Z has recognized ratings (IP55 & IP57) which mean it can be used without worry in the rain, in the bath or by the swimming pool – you can also wipe it down with a damp cloth if you want to. Sony’s handset can also handle more than it’s fair share of dust, we don’t see this as such a selling point, but it can’t be seen as a drawback either – one the iPhone 6 could benefit from.

HDR Video Recording

All of today’s top-end smartphones offer HDR still images to be taken, but the Xperia Z gives us high dynamic range video capturing capabilities, this should allow great colours to be captured in a wide-range of lighting conditions, with each frame of video which is recorded the camera will capture multiple frames at once all with different exposure levels to create one optimized frame – when will all of this come in handy? Well it is ideal if you need to record a subject with the sun or a bright light in the background. The image below shows how HDR photos work (HDR shot on the right), it’s the same concept for videos.


We think that to stay competitive Apple should seriously consider adding a similar, if not identical, feature to its next-gen iPhone – there’s nothing worse than showing you’re friend a great moment from the night before, only to see grainy, dark and borderline unwatchable video. HDR video recording is a must in our opinion.

There are lots of other nice features which are offered by the Sony Xperia Z, some are gimmicky, some Apple’s products already deliver, but the 3 which we talk about further up this post are what we want to see – do you agree?

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