Published on January 25th, 2017 | by Gary Johnson


3D TV suffering a slow painful death

Over the years there have been a number of technologies that haven’t quite been embraced by the paying public, and now it seems it’s the turn of 3D TVs as they are seemingly suffering a slow painful death.

A few years ago multiple manufacturers began the big push for 3D TVs offering consumers not much choice if they didn’t want to go down the 3D route, now though the industry is concentrating on HDR, 4K, and smart TV features.

The last two manufacturers that were offering 3D TVs LG and Sony have revealed they will not be making any new sets that offer 3D this year. This comes after Samsung dropped 3D last year as well as the likes of Sharp, Vizio, and others removing the technology from their products.

Soon after the world was treated to Avatar TV manufacturers threw their weight behind 3D TV technology, but now support is being pulled and proving what many thought at the time that it was just a fad that is better focussed in movie theatres.

The likes of Sky TV have long pulled channels offering content now only providing on demand services, although there are still plenty of Blu-ray discs available.

Do you still watch 3D TV content?

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