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BlackBerry 10 OS killed

A few years ago BlackBerry or RIM as they were once known were the dominate force in the smartphone market, but then in 2007 Apple released its first iPhone before the Android eco system also joined the fray. This saw the Canadian company’s market share dwindle but after many delays we saw the BlackBerry 10 OS released in 2013, but now the operating system is basically being killed off.

The BlackBerry 10 OS has had a tough life since it was initially released as while some of the hardware gained some positive reviews, just like the Windows Phone platform the operating system lacked support from a number of popular applications.

Last year the company launched the Priv running a version of the Android OS, but despite the handset getting some good reviews sales of the device have been disappointing with the CEO, John Chen, admitting the fact.

In a recent interview he admitted the device was “too expensive”, so the company is now going to focus on some mid-range handsets running Android for 2016. He went on to say that many business users said they wanted to own the Priv, but the $700 asking price was too high with the $400 mark being more favorable.

There are two handsets planned for this year with one featuring a keyboard and the other a touchscreen only, and Chen added that the company will not be adding any BB10 hardware but will offer updates to the OS.

This news comes after Facebook and WhatsApp announced last month that they would be stopping support for their apps on the BlackBerry 10 OS. Chen also admitted that the company could cease making hardware completely if it doesn’t start to return a profit.

Are you surprised at this news?


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