Published on June 12th, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


BlackBerry Android phone a possibility

During the last few years it has been Apple and Samsung that have been dominating the smartphone market, and while some others have begun making inroads into this domination the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry have fallen by the wayside. Now though a BlackBerry Android smartphone is a possibility.

Many in the smartphone world thought Nokia should have gone down the Android road instead of adopting the Windows Phone OS, but now the company have been swallowed up by Microsoft. BlackBerry on the other hand despite the launch of the BlackBerry 10 OS has struggled with job cuts being announced across the world as it market share slips further.

Now though a report is suggesting that a sliding BlackBerry handset that made a brief appearance at the Mobile World Congress event may come running a version of the Android operating system. This is seen as a way for the company to push it’s cross platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

The Canadian company does use a number of emulated Android apps for its BlackBerry 10 platform, and has released its popular BBM onto the Google Play store for Android users to enjoy.

Do you think BlackBerry should adopt the Android operating system?

Source: Recode.

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