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BlackBerry Virtual SIM pilot – Potential game changer

Since the release of the first iPhone we have seen massive advances in smartphone technology, however one thing that hasn’t changed is that each handset we buy needs to have a SIM card inserted into it before we can connect to our preferred carrier’s network.

Well, things could change if an upcoming pilot from BlackBerry is anything to go by. Before we get too excited we must say that the pilot is still seeking authority clearance – but if it goes ahead and is a success it could impact the rest of the smartphone market massively.

Apparently a BlackBerry virtual SIM can hold up to 9 numbers, a bit overkill perhaps, but I love the idea of one device without the need of a SIM card which can handle my work telephone number and personal telephone numbers seamlessly – do you?

It would be fair to say that BlackBerry has lost massive market share since the incline of iOS and Android, so perhaps this will put them back on the map, if nothing else it could pave the way for Apple, Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers to bring this tech to their devices.

Obviously this will offer the “dual-SIM” capabilities which we spoke about earlier in this post, but also it will allow hardware designs have some extra space for internal hardware in place of what will be classed as an archaic SIM tray – every gram and millimetre counts. This could also spur on iOS, Android and Windows Phone developers to further adapt their mobile operating systems to feature dual profiles which will be completely segregate billing depending on if you’re using your work profile or your personal profile.

Do you want this tech to arise?

Source: MyTechUpdate


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