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BlackBerry Z10 battery specs & concerns

Finding a niche in the high-end smartphone market can be tricky these days, but if you were to speak to most people who own Android, Windows Phone or iOS offerings they’ll all agree that battery life is an area where there’s room for improvement. Could this be where the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 excels? Apparently not…

If you scour the Internet for BlackBerry fan sites you’ll struggle to find a bigger BlackBerry-dedicated site than CrackBerry.com – however in their BlackBerry Z10 review you can’t help but notice lots of hints which suggest that the battery life could be a problem.


Let’s start with the specs of the battery, the Z10 will ship with an 1800mAh removable battery which is known as the LS1. To put this in perspective this is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3’s 2100mAh offering and the Nokia Lumia 920’s 2000mAh battery, only slightly, but still smaller none-the-less.

In terms of real world performance you can’t say that smaller is in-fact inferior as it depends on the how the hardware and software come together to deliver a rich smartphone experience without emptying the battery too quick. What concerns us is that when the new BB10 OS was revealed there was no real mention of the operating system’s power saving features / low battery consumption capabilities, surely if there was something exciting to tell us this would have been the ideal time to reveal it – agreed?

So what early evidence have we got to suggest that the BlackBerry Z10’s battery life will underwhelm? Well here’s a quote from CrackBerry’s review: “under normal use it looks like it should *hopefully* / maybe be able to get through the day, especially if you’re around WiFi or in areas with strong coverage”. This is a pro-BlackBerry site saying this, so what would a more critical site say – we dread to think!

It’s not just us, we’ve read lots of comments from people who are worried about battery life. One CrackBerry reader said the following:

“I am only disappointed on Battery of Z10, rest is fine. Now i will see how Q10 does on Battery. Didn’t they know how notorious 9900 was for battery? they should have learnt a lesson. Unbelievable”

Another said:

“Yeah, probably not a good sign when one of the first accessories that gets marketed is a charger cable that charges a spare battery at the same time as the phone . . great accessory but prob not a sign of long battery life”

The latter of the comments mentions the BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle for Z10, this accessory can be seen below and allows you to charge an additional battery when you charge the Z10 – it is a neat accessory, but makes us wonder whether this is a a giveaway that a single-battery won’t get you too far!


Until we get some hands-on time with the BlackBerry Z10 we won’t judge the smartphone’s battery life, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to boast game-changing battery life – it’s a shame as this could have been a great selling point!

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