Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Gary Johnson


Breaking the yearly smartphone upgrade cycle

The various smartphone manufacturers are constantly bringing out new hardware to tempt consumers to part with their hard earned cash, which for some is the ideal situation but for others it may be case of breaking the yearly smartphone upgrade cycle.

For many smartphone owners this isn’t a problem as they will be tied to a two year contract with a carrier, so will only think about buying a new handset as the contract ends, unless of course they are offered an early upgrade.

Now I own an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 so not tied to any contract but this will mean that if I want a new device I will be met with the high cost of purchasing a new handset without a carrier subsidy.

Trouble is many new smartphones that are being launched are only a small upgrade to the previous model, so unless you switch manufacturer or handset model you won’t be getting many new features.

Of course we see slightly improved specs and performance from the newer model, but recently not much else changes, and we may also see a slight increase in the screen size as well. This has often been a criticism levelled at Apple with its iPhone models that are just given an S along with an improved processor, although this year with the iPhone 5S we did get the Touch ID finger print scanner, and is also a thing that can easily be leveled at Samsung as well.

But it may just be better to wait that extra year and skip a model before upgrading to a new smartphone. Personally I was thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but with the various rumours and talk from the company itself about using more premium materials, have decided to wait until next year and the Galaxy Note 4. Smartphone innovation has also slowed a little in recent times with smaller steps being made forward now each year, although we are now seeing handsets with curved displays.

How often do you upgrade your smartphone?

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