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Published on May 4th, 2017 | by Gary Johnson


Cassette Tape Player Concept Teased

In recent times the vinyl format has been making a bit of a comeback with rising sales and new hardware being offered even to those that don’t want to spend much. Earlier this year we heard how sales of cassettes were also increasing as a new cassette tape player concept is teased.

The images that you can see on this page are of a new design concept that is being called the Elbow, and is bringing the cassette player back to basics. There is no box to hold the actual tape but instead there is an arm that has a single pulley to drive the tape.

There is an optical sensor to track the speed of the tape with the motor keeping that speed constant, and the biaxial arm rotates in two directions allowing playback of both sides of the cassette tape. You will find a standard 3.5mm headphone jack along with a mini-USB port for transferring content to a PC.

It is being claimed by the team behind Elbow that the device will help users appreciate music in a new way “By exposing the cassette to the elements, Elbow offers a fresh user experience, allowing the listener to directly appreciate the mechanical motion.”

The idea has won awards but it remains to be seen if the device ever makes it to the market in the coming future.

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