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Choosing an Android keyboard app, usage decisions

If you are the owner of a recent Android device you may have been using the new keyboard that comes with the Jelly Bean operating system, and while it has been improved there are much better options available to users. Today we are looking at choosing an Android keyboard app with usage decisions based on time spent with a couple of the most popular ones available.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been using the latest version of SwiftKey for smartphones, as well as iKnowU. Luckily both the applications come with free versions for you to try out the new keyboard experience for a month without laying out any cash to start with.

I first started with SwiftKey a few weeks ago when the developer launched the latest major update to the app, which included the Flow feature that was previously only available in a beta version of the software. This allows users to create a message or other content quickly and without removing your finger from the screen, and in practice it works well.

The app also gets better the longer you use it as it learns from the things you type, and while in use will offer suggestions to what you are typing. When I originally purchased the app it set me back only £1.49 but has since gone back up to £2.99.

Choosing an Android keyboard app, usage decisions

More recently I have been using another clever keyboard application called iKnowU, which works in a similar way to SwiftKey by learning from what you enter into the keyboard for future entries. Personally I prefer this app as the keyboard is better laid out and it also offers more suggestions to what you are typing.

After spending a couple of days with iKnowU I decided to upgrade to the full version which is exactly the same as the free version, but after 30 days it won’t stop working. At the time of writing the developer has the app on special offer at only £0.63 or $0.99, and in my opinion is well worth the money.

SwiftKey can be found here and iKnowU is available here, and there are separated versions of both apps for tablet PCs.

Do you use a keyboard application and if so which one?

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