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DIY Samsung Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging kit Instructions

If you own the Samsung Galaxy S3 you may have wondered what has happened to all the talk regarding the wireless charging kit – well sadly there is still no sign of the official accessory, but what if I told you that for around $25 / £16 you could make your own in a matter of minutes?

Sadly I wasn’t clever enough to discover this, but if you head over to the XDA Developer forums you can see that you can mod the Palm Pixi’s wireless charging kit in just 5 minutes. What’s great is that no special tools or materials are needed and you don’t need to solder anything either!

If you clicked on the link in the previous paragragh you can see a full breakdown of how to do this, one thing to ensure is that you are using the official Palm Pixi Touchstone back cover (available here), the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for Palm Pre (available here) and official cable (available here but obviously choose one which suits the power sockets in your country), you’ll also need some copper tape also if you want the wireless charger to grip the S3 a little better you should buy some magnets from this link.

Below we’ve added a few images which the modder uploaded (you can get high-resolution versions and full instructions here (although we can’t see any immediate risks yo to your S3 please follow the guide at your own risk:

Did you follow the guide? If so, did you get it working OK?


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