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Galaxy S5 reluctancey for S3 Owners

I love my Samsung Galaxy S3, it’s fast, stable and shows prowess in many of its features. However, with CES 2014 upon us, MWC 2014 a little over 6 weeks away and my phone upgrade due in June I must admit I’m not really looking out for what Samsung brings our way with the Galaxy S5 release.

Let’s first get a few things straight, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is my favourite smartphone to date, every app I throw at it runs beautifully (unless the application developer is at fault), I also have to give a special mention to the 8 megapixel camera, yes it’s not amazing in dark conditions – but I’ve taken some great shots of landscapes, animals & people with minimal effort or expertise in daylight conditions- so why am I not hyped about the S5, well simply put I fancy a change!

I see my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the same way I see a family car; economical, reliable and safe – but I want a change. Now, sorry Apple fanboys there’s no place for an iPhone of any sort (given the many frustrations which iOS throws my way with my iPad mini!), I want something fresh, different and in some ways a risk – this pretty much means I need to jump across to one of Nokia’s luscious new Lumia handsets running the ever-improving Windows Phone mobile operating system.

I was an early adopter of Android and was once frustrated by the lack of apps, seemingly inferior (to iOS) stability and general handset build quality of what were seen as iPhone alternatives. Now you could argue that Android has now overtaken Apple’s mobile OS and manufacturers such as Samsung & HTC are on par in terms of build quality – that’s why I’m thinking of jumping ship to Nokia / Windows Phone 8.

2014 could well be Windows Phone’s year and I want to be there if it is, I reviewed the Nokia Lumia 800 back in 2011 and I could see the potential, but at that time Android was beginning to thrive and I couldn’t justify choosing this over Android rivals. If I was to go for the Samsung Galaxy S5 the first thing I’d do is sign in with my Gmail account, then I’d no doubt start customizing the interface to make it familiar – soon enough I’d have a glorified S3 with a few extra bells and whistles (and no I don’t mean ringtones) – this doesn’t appeal to me, unless Samsung really blow us away with its next Galaxy S instalment.

I could very well end up hating my Windows Phone 8 device, but hey if I do I can always sell it and choose a safer option!

With so many S3 owners coming up to the end of their two-year contract, there will be lots of people in a similar position to me, do you share my opinion? Feel free to get imaginative in the comments section below!

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