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Published on May 17th, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


Galaxy S6 case choice UK review

If you are like me and recently purchased a new smartphone you will probably be looking to get some kind of case or cover for the handset. I now own the Samsung Galaxy S6 and due to the fact the handset has a glass back as well the first thing I wanted to do was to protect the device. Today we have a Galaxy S6 UK case review after we received 3 different products from our friends at Mobile Fun that have accessories for a huge range of products.

We told you recently that the online retailer were stocking some official Marvel Avengers cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, but today we are looking at some others the company has listed on its website. First up we have the official Samsung S View Cover which has recently been dropped in price, and at the time of writing is available for £29.99.


This case offers all round protection for the Galaxy S6 while allowing users to view incoming calls and other notifications without having to open the cover, and you can swipe these notifications away. The S View display can also be customized with a variety of screen savers stored on the device or users can use an image from the Gallery.


The case has a nice feel to it and wakes the display when it is opened while at the same time doesn’t add to much bulk to the handset. I’ve since added a tempered glass screen protector onto my handset which has meant the case doesn’t quite close in the same way as it did, but it is only minimal.


On the rear of the case it prevents the protruding camera module from touching any flat surfaces when placed down, but I have noticed the display of the case does leave a slight mark on the S6 screen after being closed for a while, although this does rub off with a microfiber cloth.



Next up we have Verus Damda Slide Samsung Galaxy S6 case which as you can see from the images has a sliding door which opens on the back for storage of a couple of credit cards or ID. This is currently priced at £24.99 and while it doesn’t cover the display of the S6 it does have a solid design that should protect the handset in any falls or bumps.







The front of the case does protrude slightly to help the display to avoid contact when placed onto a flat surface, while the product feels nice when held in the hand. If you would rather spend less money on a case or cover the FlexiShield Samsung Galaxy S6 Gel case is yours for only £5.99.


This again has a slight lip on the front to keep the display from touching any flat surface it may be placed onto, but the back doesn’t do the same for the camera module.

Of course this is just a minimal case and may not offer the same protection as the other cases in this review, but it is available at a low price and still has a quality feel to it. The buttons are covered by the case but this doesn’t affect their operation in any way.



Click here if none of these cases are what you are looking for as Mobile Fun has many other products available.

Do you have a case for your Galaxy S6? If so which one?


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