Published on June 19th, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


Galaxy S6 icons disappeared, Samsung fix available

Like a growing number of owners that have the Samsung Galaxy S6 I have had the issue where some of the most used icons had disappeared all of a sudden, but now Samsung has made a quick fix available.

A few days ago I suddenly noticed that the data toggle had disappeared from the Quick Settings menu from my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6, and wasn’t even there when I tried to edit the menu. Taking to Google I quickly discovered this was affecting a number of owners and the only real solution being offered was a full factory reset after backing up anything important.

This is not an option I wanted to take so have been turning the data connection on via the Data Usage option, but now Samsung has released a free application that quickly restores things to the way they should be. All users have to do is to select the Galaxy Essentials option via the second Home Screen.

Then search and download an application called QuickPanel Restore and once installed puts back icons such as Mobile Data, Private Mode, and Mobile Hotspot. Once the action is completed you are given the option to uninstall the app and everything is restored to the way it should be.


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