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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by Jamie


Google Now for Chrome web browser, rumor & ideas

We have noticed that there’s been a lot of love for Google Now ever since Android 4.1 Jelly Bean started hitting smartphones and tablets, now we are hearing talk suggesting that Google Now could soon be coming to Google’s popular web browser for Windows / Mac / Linux.

The news all originated from a page over at the Chromium Code Reviews website, here there’s a page titled “Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation”, there’s a lot of “coding talk” on this page most of which goes straight over our heads (we don’t mind admitting that), but you can clearly see that developers are looking into bringing Google Now cards to Google Chrome – neat eh?

Before we get too excited we must state that this may just be a project developers are working on with no real plans to push it out publicly, but why would anyone devote hours of coding to a feature which will never go live? Surely it would be a popular addition.

Currently most of the Google Now cards we use the most don’t suit the Chrome web browser as much as they suit Android, mainly due to the fact that Google’s operating system is primarily used on mobile devices, on the contrary the Chrome web browser tends to be used in more static environments such as your home or your office. It would be great if Google Now for Chrome could intelligently know when you’re at a location you’re familiar with so that you’re not told what local restaurants are worth visiting, likewise we don’t need to know where the local public transport stations are, or have quick access to Google Now cards such as Translation & Currency.

We’ve been quite negative so far, but there are plenty of things which we’d like quick access to via Google Now cards when using Chrome, I like to know who my favourite football team are playing next, what time the kick off is, where it is and the score of the last game, therefore the Sports card will be great, also the weather card is handy no-matter where you are, as well as the card which shows you your next appointments.


Perhaps we’ll see Google Now integrated into Google Chrome before the year is out, would you like to see it? If so, which cards would you like to see when you’re using your desktop computer / laptop?

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