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Published on June 23rd, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


HTC One M9 review on Vodafone UK

A couple of years ago HTC provided the Android platform with a handset that gave those looking for something more stylish than what Samsung had to offer, and the HTC One has been given its second refresh in the form of the M9. We now have a hands on review of the HTC One M9 on the Vodafone UK network.

As soon as you take the M9 out of the box you can see how similar the build is to the previous versions of the handset, but the company has made some changes to this year’s model to try and keep it fresh. Gone is that much criticized 4MP UltraPixel rear camera in favor of a 20.7-megapixel rear unit.


We still have the same 5-inch 1080p Full HD display but now we have the Qualcomm Octa core Snapdragon 810 processor, which has two sets of four cores running at either 1.5GHz or 2GHz with only one set working at a time depending on the tasks asked of it.

There is 3GB of RAM with 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded further via microSD card, which should be plenty for most users. The display offers 441ppi pixel density and while not as sharp as the likes of the Galaxy S6 with its QHD display, it is still pleasing to the eye and color rich.

The metal body has a two tone design with the example we have been using in Silver/Gold, and the rear panel according to HTC is hand finished by craftsmen and I prefer it to the glass rear on my Galaxy S6. In the hand the edges can dig in a little and it would have been nicer if these were rounded off.


HTC has moved the power button to the same side as the volume controls but the buttons are all the same size, so often when trying to adjust the volume while the handset was in my pocket I hit the power button.


One area that the HTC One M9 still beats the competition is the twin front facing BoomSound speakers, and for 2015 the company has added Dolby support to create a virtual surround sound. This is created via the speakers or when using headphones with music tracks sounding great through my Sennheiser’s and HTC provide some ear buds to try and help you get the best from this.

The camera seems to offer sharper images than previous models that I have used although color reproduction does seem to have suffered slightly. As you would expect performance from the handset thanks to its chipset and operating system is fast and zippy, and I liked the way HTC has put its mark on Android Lollipop with its latest Sense offering something Samsung could still learn from despite the recent striping down of TouchWiz.


This high performance does seem to affect battery life even when doing mundane things such as surfing the Internet. It does pack a 2,800mAh power plant but the available juice can run down fast, although there is a fast charging feature, but I did notice the M9 getting rather warm while playing Real Racing 3 for a while which really did eat into available battery life.


Despite its metal frame I experienced no issues with getting a signal and only occasionally did I have a weaker signal in the same area as my S6, which HTC has been working on for the M9. The HTC One M9 is a pretty good phone, but for me it doesn’t offer enough over last year’s model to warrant upgrading to although those still using the original HTC One would love the upgrade.



It does seem though that HTC has hit a brick wall this year trying to innovate its flagship smartphone for 2015, but for me the company hasn’t done enough to bring the handset on from last year. That’s not to say that the HTC One M9 isn’t a great phone as it does most things asked of it well, it’s just whether it has enough compared to the competition.

Do you like the look of the HTC One M9?

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