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Huge Facebook response to heartless Virgin Media bill

When a family member passes away it is an emotional time with lots to sort out such as funeral arrangements. The last thing you would want to see is a charge from an Internet service provider due to late bill payment especially given the fact that the bill clearly shows that the payer has in fact passed away – sadly that’s exactly what one Facebook user shared with the world when he uploaded a photo to the popular social networking website.

The photo, which has been embedded below, clearly shows that the direct debit failed due to the payer being deceased, but despite this there is an additional £10.00 “late payment charge”.

For legal reasons we have to point out that there is a chance that this is a hoax, but we have absolutely no reason to believe it is.


This image was uploaded to Facebook on Monday 22nd of April and has now been shared over 65,000 times. Unsurprisingly there haven’t been too many likes – but it’s nice to see that word is spreading fast and we hope that if the photo turns out to be legitimate Virgin Media do the right thing.

Jim Boyden is the son-in-law of the deceased man and it was Jim who shared this on his Facebook page, we doubt he knew quite how much of a response he got from fellow Facebookers… towards the end of his comments he does say the following (aimed at Virgin Media of course):

I am bitterly disappointed in your attitude, probably automatically generated by machine and unchecked by any caring human heart. The only saving grace is that my Father in Law had an excellent sense of humour and is probably laughing his arse off about this as we type, giving you the Vs, waving ten pound notes around, planning to haunt you and enjoying the content of Sky TV.

Are Virgin Media well within their rights to add the charge? We think it’s probably cost them more than £10 in the sheer loss of business this could cause them.

Go on Virgin Media, do the right thing….

Please share this story by pressing the ‘Like’ button. We have contacted Jim and will update you accordingly if he chooses to respond.

Source: Facebook

Update: Virgin Media have responded and apart from apologising and cancelling the bill the company has also made a donation to the hospital where the father in-law of Jim Boyden sadly passed away, and has promised not to put someone through the same pain again.


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