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I’m tempted by the Blackberry Q10 – Are you?

Whilst at work today my colleague decided to announce that despite his love for Android he might switch over to Windows Phone OS when he’s next due an upgrade, he jokingly said you should get a BlackBerry and when I thought about it there are some things I miss about RIM’s smartphones.

Firstly let’s go back a few years, for years I purchased Nokia feature phones / smartphones such as the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N96 with the somewhat clunky Symbian OS, so when I first got me hands on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 it was revolutionary. At the time BlackBerry OS seemed almost futuristic, the physical keyboard was amazing and things like simple-to-use sharing to social networks and BBM left little to be desired – but that’s when Apple first-gen iPhone and early Android devices started to ruin everything.


Soon it became evident that the BlackBerry’s CPU, RAM, camera, web browser, apps and capabilities were rapidly being overshadowed by the new offerings and for a reason I’ll never understand Research in Motion seemingly took a back seat whilst its market share declined by the day. RIM released two notable high-end offerings over a two-year period (one of which was the original BlackBerry Torch) and then BlackBerry OS 7 seemed to come and go without offering much more than the Bold 9900 – since then we’ve been waiting for RIM’s long-awaited BlackBerry OS 10 or BlackBerry 10 if you prefer.

So let’s get back to what I was talking about in the introductory paragraph of this post – my desire for a BlackBerry in 2013. So why do I want it, firstly I currently own the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it’s amazing, despite working in I.T. I don’t use it to it’s utmost potential, it’s great for web browsing, taking photos, social networking and gaming – but it does fall short on a couple of things when I compare it to my Bold 9700. Now hear me out, I would never take the Bold 9700 over the S3, but the typing experience (even with alternative soft keyboards) is nowhere near as rich as it was on my trust 9700, it also struggles to deliver a full day 7.30am – 10pm without running very short on battery (it’s empty if I game during the day) and finally BBM – I’ll talk about that in a new paragraph.

People who have never used BBM will not understand why so many BlackBerry users love it so much and for all you out there who say WhatsApp (or other similar apps) does the same job – NO, NO NO! Unless you really tinker with settings you are signed in to BBM 24×7, also BlackBerry phone start-up is annoyingly slow – so these go hand in hand as well as the decent battery life. People avoid turning off their BlackBerry’s so they don’t have to wait the ridiculous 5 mins or so it takes to start up – so this means when you send a message using BBM you can almost certainly guarantee that the recipient has seen it – simple, yet effective.

I’ve almost hit 500 words and I think it’s about time I summed up why I am tempted by the BlackBerry Q10 – BBM is an added bonus, but for me today’s top-end smartphones over deliver in many aspects but under deliver in other areas. For me I want to type tweets, Facebook statuses, SMS messages and emails as quickly as possible, I also want to know that I can forget to charge my phone one evening and know that I will at least have enough juice left in there for my alarm to go off in the morning. What’s holding me back? How fast is this new BlackBerry? How good is web browsing on a 3.1 inch display these days? Will RIM still be here this time next year? Is anyone going to develop apps for this platform…


I’m pretty sure that I won’t get the Q10, but I must admit I’m tempted. Maybe RIM are reading this why not send me one and if it’s really as good as it looks I’ll review it share my enthusiasm to my friends, colleagues, social networking followers and on this site… well you can’t blame a man for trying?

Have you considered switching from Android, iOS or Windows Phone OS to the new BlackBerry Q10? If so, what tempting you?

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