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iPhone X release delay aided Samsung in UK

Apple and Samsung lead the way in terms of sales in the smartphone world with each company looking to outdo each other. It seems though during the end of last year the iPhone X release delay aided Samsung in terms of market share in the UK.

Samsung not only sells numerous smartphone models of its own it also supplies components to a number of other companies, namely Apple. It has been reported recently that Samsung makes more money from supplying Apple components for the iPhone X than it does from sales of the Galaxy S8.

Last year saw the delayed release of the iPhone X that came to market in November instead of the usual September with the normal early stock shortages. According to figures from Kantar Worldpanel, during the three months leading up to September Samsung raised its market share in the UK to 37.5%, up 7.1%.

During that period Apple’s share slipped to 34.8%, which according to Analyst, Dominic Sunnebo, Samsung enjoyed “its highest ever share in the UK, and they took as much advantage as they could of that window. There was a significant amount of promotional activity, and it highlighted a bigger price gulf [with Apple.]”

Samsung was helped by the fact that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were released in April and are around £200 cheaper than the iPhone X with the company being the most popular smartphone brand in the UK all year.

Once the iPhone X was released though Apple took top spot during November gaining almost 50% market share for the UK, but Sunnebo continued “It’s not surprising that in the first month of release you see the iPhone X doing very well, but obviously once that fan base has fulfilled its desire, the question is whether or not mainstream consumers will be able to stump up that kind of money.”

Many Apple fans have bulked at the £999 asking price though for a handset that doesn’t really set any new standards in the smartphone market in terms of specifications, so it remains to be seen how successful the handset becomes although Samsung continue to supply the iPhone Xs OLED display, batteries, chips, and capacitors.


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