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Published on October 17th, 2013 | by Jamie


Lenovo B575 recovery guide via one touch key

Having worked in IT for almost a decade I’d like to think that I am more than familiar with the many different system recovery methods offered by the leading laptop manufactures, however I must admit for 20 minutes the Lenovo B575 left me scratching my head.

My friend’s laptop had been installed with a dodgy 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate edition, despite having a legitimate Windows 7 Home Premium x64 COA on it’s under-side and 4GB of RAM. Not only did this not allow the installation of critical Windows updates but if also meant that the RAM limit enforced by 32-bit editions of Windows left some RAM being un-utilized.

I was just going to install a fresh edition of Windows using his product key, however upon doing this I noticed that the hidden recovery partition was intact – so I decided to try and use this. I tried the obvious shortcut keys to upon boot to trigger the recovery tools, but I had no luck, I even used Google and read through pages of forums and no-one actually suggested that there was actually a dedicated key for the recovery tool – but there is!

Note: The guide is below, be aware that there are a few circumstances which will stop this from working, they are detailed towards the end of this post.

Lenovo have oddly given the B575 a dedicated button which it has dubbed “OneKey”. Simply power off the laptop, power it on using the dedicated OneKey (see image below, it’s the small circular button next to the power button) and soon enough you’ll be greeted by the Lenovo OneKey Rescue System screen.


The Lenovo OneKey Rescue System may vary as there are lots of different versions of this tool, however you should see a system recover option (see below), select it and follow the simple instructions, soon enough your system will begin resetting itself to factory defaults. Ensure that any files and programs which have been added to the laptop since it came out of the factory will be lost, so back up whatever you can beforehand, also make sure that the laptop’s charger is plugged in as you wouldn’t want to run out of charge mid process.


The process takes around 20 minutes, and once complete you’ll be greeted with a fresh system just like when it left the shops.

Halfway through this brief article I explained that there are some circumstances which will result in this process not being possible. Here’s a brief overview. Why not share this post if it helped you, or leave us a thankful comment.

  • If the OneKey doesn’t boot you into the recovery system chances are the recovery partition is corrupt, the hard disk has previously been replaced or the partition has been deleted. If this happens feel free to you leave a comment below and I’ll try to help.
  • If the recovery fails chances are there is a hardware fault, 75% of the time this is due to a dodgy hard disk which will need replacing, if not RAM could be faulty or in rare circumstances the motherboard could have a problem (sometimes I’ve seen heat cause weird issues). My recommendation would be to run MEMTEST and Seatools across the hardware, or perhaps other hardware diagnostic software. Once again feel free to leave a comment if this is the case
  • If immediately after the system recovery the laptop is playing up and you’ve not installed additionally chances are there is a more fundamental fault.
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    1. The one key recovery button on my lonovo B575 just brought me into my home page and not the recovery page. Any help would be appreciated.

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