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MIA GTA iFruit Android app sparks server reset discussion

The release of GTA V was long-awaited and it’s unsurprising to see that Grand Theft Auto: iFruit app for iOS has also generated a lot of interest, but the fact that Rockstar Games has seemingly snubbed Android in favour of iOS has angered lots of people. This is because it gave iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch users a huge opportunity to get exclusive content first.

Being able to train your dog can as well as being able to create and reserve custom license plates are just a couple of the exclusive features which iOS users have access to, Android users think that when the app finally hits their platform the servers should be reset – but we think this is hugely unlikely.

The rivalry between Android and iOS somewhat mimics what we’ve been seeing for years when console games favour Xbox Live over the PlayStation Network or vice versa. This serves as great ammo for “fanboys” who lurk in the comments section of websites and pounce when their favoured platform gets the nod, we’d like to see synchronization between release dates but it will never happen.

There has been no official statement regarding if and when iFruit will come to Android but we’d recommend following the official Rockstar Games Twitter feed as it will almost certainly be revealed here before anywhere else. Today, however, we are here to discuss whether the servers should be reset if and when the Android app arrives in the interest of fairness. Please leave us a comment below with you’re opinions on the matter. Here are the questions we’d like answered:

Should the servers be reset if an official app for Android is released? Will you switch from Android to iOS just for this reason? Should measures be put in place to ensure that mobile operating systems can’t exploit such opportunities in the future?

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