Published on December 6th, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


New smartphones in 2016 set to release

This year has been prtetty good in terms of new smartphone hardware from a number of different manufacturers, but as always the industry never stands still and is already looking to what new handsets will be relased in 2016.

Samsung finally changed the desgin of the hugely popular flagship Galaxy range for the S6 with its aluminium and glass form factor, and of course provided us with the curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge. Now next year the Galaxy S7 release isn’t expected to bring any big changes in terms of design.

We can expect the internal specifcations to receive a bump with new processors, and there has been talk of some internal cooling system. Normally Samsung showcases its new Galaxy around the annual MWC event that takes place in February.

The HTC One M9 wasn’t the success that the company would have hoped for and many felt the handset was too similar to the previous model, but for 2016 there has been talk of a fingerprint scanner as well as a lighter Sense Android overlay.

This could also be showcased in February around the Mobile World Congress Event and should also hopefully see a redsigned form factor. Of course there will be a lot of attention leading up to the release of the iPhone 7 later in 2016 with the likelyhood of two screens sizes again.

There has been talk of the next iPhone ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack but until we get to see iOS 10 announced at WWDC in June other clues about the upcomming iPhone 7 will just be rumours started by various suppliers down the chain.

We have also had talk of a lower end iPhone 6C to replace the iPhone 5S at some point during the year. Sony has had an iffy 2015 in the smartphone market, and for the Xperia Z6 there has been talk the company will provide fans a number of different versions to choose from ranging from a 4-inch going up to 6.4.

Of course there will be other offerings from the numerous Chinese manufacturers that have been starting to take a bigger slice of the smartphone market, which will include any new hardware from the OnePlus team. Hopefully they will iron out the bugs in the current lineup before working on new hardware though.

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