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Nintendo games set for smartphone release

Even though Nintendo has always enjoyed having a hard core of followers for some of its iconic titles, hardware sales have been on the decline in recent years with the Wii U not exactly matching the success of the original Wii. Now after years of waiting the company could be releasing its first smartphone game in the next few months.

In recent shareholders meeting CEO Satoru Iwata confirmed that Nintendo plans to release its first smartphone game by the end of the year, and added that the company plans to have 5 mobile titles available by March 2017.

This doesn’t mean you will be able to play Mario Kart on your smartphone though as the company doesn’t plan to port any of its current titles onto the mobile platforms. Iwata feels that these games wouldn’t “match the play styles” of smartphones or tablet PCs, and doesn’t feel this would prove to be successful.

Nintendo has already teamed up with a Japanese company that specializes in mobile games, DeNA, and there was some further good news for the company as it has reported its first profit in four years. While we may not see any existing titles find their way onto smartphones, we may see some of its iconic characters arrive in some new titles.

Do you looking forward to see Nintendo games on smartphones?

Source: The Verge via Nintendo.

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