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Nintendo Wii Mini UK release date & price revealed

The original Nintendo Wii console changed the face of gaming forever and arguably brought us the likes of the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move. While the company has been busy trying to persuade us to pick up the Wii U, they went and surprised everyone by revealing the UK were getting the Wii Mini, and we have the release date and price for you.

Originally Nintendo announced the Wii Mini for Canada only last year, but have now expanded the availability of it to the UK. The console is coming to the country on March 22nd and retailers such as Amazon have it priced at £79.99, but you have to wonder what the point of the console is.

The colourful Wii Mini is slightly smaller than the original model, and this is because a number of standout features have been taken away. There is no Internet connectivity with the console or the option of playing any GameCube discs like the original Wii, but having no connection to the Internet means you will also have no access to the Nintendo online store or play any online modes of any games that have such features.

wii mini price

After having a look around the original model can be had for only £89 from Tesco’s online store, and there will be numerous second hand models that can probably be picked up for next to nothing, so we can’t really see the point of the Wii Mini, with many gamers likely to think the same.

Do you think many will buy the Wii Mini?

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