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OnLive features Sony has adopted for PS4

Whilst tuning in to the PlayStation 4 reveal earlier this week we were pleased to see so many innovative ideas which Sony will be bringing to its next-gen console and gaming network, but we couldn’t help but think that many of the ideas have been seen before.

Now before people start thinking this brief article is anti-Sony, it isn’t meant to be, we’re merely pointing out that OnLive has in our opinion paved-the-way for many of the features which we expect to see all future consoles offer. So what 3 features are we talking about? They are instant-play, integrated live streaming and easy video sharing.

Look no downloads!

Let’s first talk about one great feature that Sony will bring to the PlayStation 4 – game steaming. Up until now Sony, Nintendo and Sony consoles have offered demos by way of download, however often these downloads can take ages and when you actually get round to playing the game you may find you don’t even like it, well thanks to the “PlayStation Cloud” PS4 gamers will be able to stream the demos instead. For 1080p game streaming you’re going to need a fast internet connection – but given the fact that Internet connections are getting faster by the day we don’t think this will be a problem. No-matter which way you look at it this is no-doubt influenced by game streaming services such as OnLive.

Back in 2011 I attended EuroGamer where I managed to get my hands on an OnLive console, for those of you who don’t know this console allows you to instantly stream games and demos, you can’t buy games on physical media or download anything – it’s all streamed. At that time I had an internet connection which offered 8Mbps down / 0.5Mbps up speeds, so I was very sceptical about bringing the console home and actually experiencing an enjoyable experience – 20+ hours of gameplay later (mainly playing Borderlands) I was won over, therefore I think it’s great that Sony has seen potential in this fresh approach to delivering games and demos to consumers.

Come watch me!

Something we’re not going to talk about in great detail is Sony’s Ustream integration for the PS4, all we’re going to say on the matter is once again this is something which is built-in to OnLive for a couple of years again. Personally I’m not overly bothered about this feature as I’d much rather be playing a game then watching someone else. We’ve all died in CoD when playing modes such as Search & Destroy and got frustrated with watching someone else play the game until you respawn, I can’t see why you’d want to do this unless watching an Elite gamer from time-to-time.

Another thing which I’m not overly won over by is the fact that streaming someone else’s gameplay will undoubtedly spoil aspects of games, take Final Fantasy VII as an example – I’m sure this game wouldn’t have been as epic as it is if we’d watched someone else defeat Sephiroth, Emerald Weapon or breed a Golden Chocobo – you wouldn’t watch the end of a film before playing it, so why risk spoiling a game? That’s my rant over!

Like my video!

There’s no doubt that social networking and social media has gone through the roof over the last few years, so it’s no surprise to see that Sony’s next console will allow you to quickly and easily share your most epic gaming moments at the press of a button (see image below)


Once again we are glad to see Sony bringing such a feature to it’s next-gen console, but we have to point out that OnLive offered this a few years ago as their first-gen controller featured plenty of media buttons (see below) one of which was a record button – no guessing for what that done!


So there you go folks, proof that some of Sony’s PS4 ideas aren’t as ground-breaking as some of you may have thought, but what does it matter? This is how technology evolves and it’s always good news for consumers. We think that OnLive went largely unnoticed, so Sony has a chance to deliver these features to the mainstream, there’s certainly room for improvement so we look forward to what the future holds, while we’re here we will also point out that we’d be astonished if the next Xbox doesn’t feature all three of these features to.

Which of these three features are you most looking forward to?

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