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PS4 release tipped to be more powerful than new Xbox

The Sony PlayStation 3 has been with us now for over six years and in many gamer’s minds we are long overdue a replacement for the console. Later this month at an event in New York the company is expected to announce its new gaming console, and it is now being suggested that the PS4 release will bring a device that is more powerful than the new Xbox.

These latest reports come from sources that claim to be working close to Sony’s and Microsoft’s next generation consoles, and not only will the PS4 be more powerful it is being claimed will come with an all new redesigned controller. The claims go on to state the device will see a release in the US and Japan before the end of the year, while Europe and the UK will have to wait until early 2014.

The new PS4 controller is said to be the same size as the current model, but will feature a touchpad interface in place of the start and select buttons. The technology for this new touchpad feature is claimed to be similar to what is found on the underneath of the Sony PS Vita.

PS4 reveal

There will also be a share feature that will allow users to instantly share screenshots and videos online, and the reasons given for the later availability of the PS4 in the European region is the complexities of the distribution for the area.

While these rumours have to be taken as they are it could be only be a short time before we find out if there is any truth in them. Last time around Sony lost early ground on its rival Microsoft with the PS3 becoming available quite a while after the Xbox 360 first made an appearance, so it will be interesting to see what happens this time. Source: Edge.

Are you looking forward to the Sony PlayStation 4 release?

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