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Razer Sabertooth specs & features for Xbox 360 / PC

Hardcore gamers will do everything in their power to get the edge over their opponents, obviously a lot comes down to skill and extensive practice, but peripherals can also make a huge difference, we’ve seen it with gaming keyboards and mice, now we have a controller to tell you all about – this is the Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller.

The Razer Sabertooth is an Xbox 360 / PC controller which builds on the strong foundations set by its predecessor the award-winning Razer Onza. At £69 / $79.99 (US) it doesn’t come cheap, but we think it’s well-worth the investment – here’s why:


Razer’s design team have learned a lot from the success of the Onza controller and say that this time round the form-factor delivers even better balance, durability, comfort and ergonomics without being too weighty. As well as all this it allows for customization and has been made from tried and tested materials to ensure that the analog sticks, triggers, buttons and d-pad deliver a tournament-grade gaming experience.

One of the Razer Onza’s most innovative features were analog sticks which could be twisted to increase / decrease resistance, this helped deliver gamers with a custom setup which would help rack up the head shots, but the Sabertooth has done things quite differently all thanks to a neat OLED display which is located at the bottom (not the underside) of the controller (see below)


There are buttons either side of the OLED panel and these can be used to customize almost every aspect of the pad, you can re-map buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks and also program the six additional buttons which the pad offers. Two of these extra buttons are located by the bumper buttons, whilst on the rear of the controller there are two detachable rocking switches, with a bit of thought you can really enhance the controller to compliment your gaming, the OLED display even lets you save profiles so you can have different setups for different games.


Unsurprisingly the controller attaches to the Xbox 360 / PC via a USB cable, this is 10 feet long and is made of lightweight braided fibre, other things worth mentioning include the 2.5mm headset jack socket, the carry case which comes included and there’s also two bright green rubber caps for the analog sticks which will stop your thumbs sliding of them during those tense moments.

Without getting some hands-on time with the controller it is hard for us to determine whether all these amazing–sounding features really do come together to deliver an improved gaming experience, however if you head over to Pocket-Lint they have reviewed the Razer Sabertooth and they’re very complimentary of it especially the d-pad, the only thing they knock is its price tag. We’re trying to get the Sabertooth in the office for a full hands-on review and when we do we’ll be sure to post a fully detailed review and answer any question you may have. If you’re already won-over head over to RazerZone to buy one.

Have you purchased the Razer Sabertooth? If so, would you recommend it to others? How many extra kills are you getting with it?

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