Published on March 27th, 2017 | by Gary Johnson


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 set for partial re-release

In two days time Samsung is going to be revealing the Galaxy S8 to the world with the handset due to be available to consumers next month, but now it has been confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set for a partial re-release.

2016 was a mixed year for the company as it saw positive reviews and sales for the S7 but ended the year with having to recall and discontinue the Note 7 due to faulty batteries. The company has now decided to bring the device back so numerous smartphones don’t go to waste.

The company is going to analyze and test each and every Galaxy Note 7 that have been returned before reselling them as refurbished handsets. To begin with handsets will be considered and used as refurbished or rental phones where applicable.

Secondly components that can be salvaged will be stripped down for reuse, and thirdly processes such as metals extraction shall be performed using environmentally friendly procedures. The company will be working closely with authorities and local companies to prevent any issues re-surfacing.

It is not known which countries will allow the re-release of the Galaxy Note 7 with the company needing approval from the relevant regulators first, and it remains to be seen which ones will decide to give the Note 7 the OK.

Would you consider a refurbished Galaxy Note 7?

Source: Samsung.


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