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Samsung Galaxy S3 features that are easily missed

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 has now been released there are lots of owners that are still enjoying last year’s model and will either wait until next year for the Galaxy S5, or upgrade later this year for the Galaxy Note 3. There may be many of you that own the Samsung Galaxy S3 that are not using the device to its full potential so today we looking at some features that are easily missed.

There are a number of features on the Galaxy S3 that can go unnoticed so we thought we would look at a few of them today that includes some that were added in the last Android Jelly Bean update. For users that may be upgrading from a feature mobile phone Samsung has provided an Easy Mode, which offers an easier to use and less cluttered UI.

This is activated by selecting the home screen mode via the main settings and checking Easy mode, and if you are looking at anything on the screen of the device and would like to save it this can be done by simply swiping the edge of your hand across the display, which then saves the image to your Clipboard.

You can set the handsets display to stay awake while you are reading or watching content by enabling the Smart Stay option. This is activated by going to the main settings and selecting display before scrolling down and checking the Smart Stay option, and in use a small icon will appear at the top right hand side of the display showing it is active.

The last Android update brought with it the Samsung Premium Suite range of features that included the popular Multi-Window option that allows two applications to be used at the same time on the handsets display. To avoid keep having to go to the notification bar for this feature a quick press down on the back button will open the feature up with the installed apps that are compatible.

S3 tips

To avoid missing those special moments when booting up the camera you can set the feature to open up just by tapping the screen while rotating the device, and to set this up via settings select Lock screen and then Lock screen options before switching the Camera quick access to on.

You can set the home button to receive incoming calls or the power key for ending them which is achieved via the main settings and the Accessibility option and then choosing the Call answering/ending and activating the options.

Google Now can be quickly opened up by holding down the menu key or the Direct call option will allow you to call the contact that is displayed on the screen just by placing the handset to your ear. This is set up by going to the Motion option from the main settings before enabling Direct Call, so if you want to quickly call someone that has just sent you a text message putting the handset up to your ear will set the phone in motion in making that call.

There is also the option of monitoring the amount of data the handset is using with the chance of setting a limit so you can be notified when this is almost reached, which will help prevent you from exceeding your monthly data limits. This is again found from the main settings and the Data usage option.

If you have any other great tips for the Galaxy S3 let us know in the comments section below.


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