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Samsung Galaxy S4 price insight, SIM free & on contract

We are still coming to terms with the arsenal of features and impressive specs which Samsung revealed to the world last week when they unveiled the Galaxy S4, but what we don’t yet know is how much this behemoth of a smartphone will cost us. Before we get started let us be the first to say that these are just educated guesses and by no means truly representative of the final pricing, but we think we’re pretty spot on.

Our most trustworthy source of a price is, this lists the 16GB White Frost model for €649, thanks to we can see that this equates to roughly £555 GPB and $840 USD – quite a hefty sum no-matter where you come from!

The only smartphone currently available which has a similar price tag SIM free is the iPhone 5 and we really think that there will be a conscious decision to undercut Apple wherever possible or at least match the price – so we’re going to use that as the backbone of our pricing structure.

Currently AT&T and Verizon want customers to agree a two-year deal and pay $199.99 upfront for the 16GB iPhone 5, we’d be hugely surprised if they asked for more for the S4, instead we can see them drop the S3 pricing and put the S4 in its place and match the iPhone 5 pricing. Once you strap on a voice and messaging price plan as well as data connectivity you’ll be spending at least $59.99 per month from AT&T, Verizon’s $60 per month plan is far superior in our opinion as this price allows for 2GB of data usage compared to AT&T’s laughable 300MB data allowance – obviously if you pay more you get way more than this.

So to summarize we think the two major carriers in the US will sell you the Samsung Galaxy S4 for $199.99 on a two-year deal which will cost you a minimum of $59.99 per month.

galaxy s4 price

We have a lot of readers from the United Kingdom, so it would be unfair to miss you out, it’s up for debate but the four largest mobile networks in this region at the moment are Orange, O2, Three and Vodafone, so we’ve checked out pricing for competing devices and came up with the following pricing:

Orange sell the 16GB iPhone 5 for £69.99 on a two-year deal based on a contract costing at least £36 per month, we believe the S4 will be available on a similar deal, but perhaps the upfront cost will be a little lower. The biggest problem with this deal is that you’ll only have 1GB of data allowance per month.

Three will probably start pricing at around £34 a month based on a two year deal, there may be a £49 upfront price, so we’d recommend paying a little more and getting the S4 on The One Plan which should get you the handset free if you’re willing to pay around £40 per month. The great thing about Three is that you’ll get all-you-can-eat data – just what we like to see!


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