Published on May 14th, 2015 | by Gary Johnson


Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View cover concerns

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have been available to consumers for just over a month now, but a worrying problem has emerged for some users concerning the use of the official Clear View case for the handsets.

Many owners of expensive smartphones like to protect their device from the bumps and scratches that life can throw at them, and do so by adding a case of some kind. Trouble is though a growing number of S6 owners that have purchased the official Clear View case have found that their treasured device is suffering from scratches on the display.

The Galaxy S6 has Gorilla Glass 4 protecting the display but it seems the material is suffering from scratches when in use with the case. It seems that debris is collecting between the cover and the display with the handset moving slightly when placed inside a pocket or bag, which has resulted in a number of XDA Developers readers from a number of countries reporting of the problem.

Many have contacted Samsung direct but we are still awaiting an official response from the company, with the thread now standing at 7 pages long with owners that have suffered the problem. I have been using the official S View cover on my S6 for the past week and have not noticed any scratches even before I put a screen protector on.

I have noticed that the cover does leave a mark on the display that does rub off with a microfiber cloth, but will provide some images in an upcoming article covering some cases from Mobile Fun.

Have you suffered this problem with your smartphone?


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