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SKY HD+ Box with Wi-Fi coming soon

Earlier this year Sky TV opened up its On Demand services to customers of all broadband suppliers, where before the service was only available to users of Sky Broadband. The trouble is this means that users have to find a way to connect the Sky box to the Internet, but now a Sky HD+ Box with built in Wi-Fi is going to be released soon.

At the moment Sky customers that want to connect their HD set top box to the Internet either have to have the device near their router, have a long Ethernet cable, use home plugs, or they can purchase one of the wireless adapters from the broadcaster but this means having another box even though they are small.

Now though Sky has announced that in September the company will have SKY HD+ boxes with built-in Wi-Fi that will become the standard equipment that will be provided to new customers or existing ones that are upgrading.

sky hd box

The company will also be pushing its low cost wireless connector to those that already have Sky boxes installed in their homes, and at the time of writing these are currently priced at £21.95. So if you are thinking of joining Sky it might be better to wait until September to get one of these new Wi-Fi equipped boxes.

Are you surprised it has taken this long for Sky to provide a box with built in Wi-Fi?

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