Published on April 29th, 2016 | by Gary Johnson


Tannoy speakers set to be made in china

Great Britain has long been associated with the development and production of high quality audio products especially when it comes to loudspeakers. Some leading names have long since disappeared though and today we have news that Tannoy speakers are set to be made in China with the loss of around 70 staff.

Tannoy has long been providing Hi-Fi purists and home cinema enthusiasts with a range of quality speakers, but the parent company, MUSIC, has today announced that it plans to dismiss as redundant around 70 employees at its manufacturing and office facility in Coatridge, Scotland.

The company has told staff today about its plans and is to enter a process of collective consultation with all affected employees with the likelihood of the facility closing down completely with production shifted to MUSIC’s new plant in Zhongshan, China. It’s R&D and marketing divisions are set to be moved to the company’s Innovation Center based in Manchester, UK.

Peter Sommer from the company stated “Following an extensive evaluation of our operational and financial structure, we have taken the difficult decision to propose that the staff in our Tannoy manufacturing and office facility in Coatbridge are dismissed as redundant, which, if confirmed would see the facility closed,” Sommer said. “Whilst this is a challenging time, I would like to thank our Tannoy employees for their immense dedication and loyalty over the years, which I feel confident, will not be diminished even as we approach the forthcoming period of collective consultation.”

It was also stated that this news will not affect any of the company’s sales, order, and delivery processes but fans of the iconic brand that was founded in Scotland back in 1926 will be concerned that build quality will suffer with products produced in China.

Do you think the quality of Tannoy loudspeakers will suffer?


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